Ross Harvey

“Stories move you. Engage you. Encourage you to laugh, cry and love. A wedding is not an isolated set of individual photographs. It's a story. A celebration of two people in love shared with family and friends.”

Ross Harvey is a photographer "on fire". He shoots high-end weddings around the world as he is known for both his elegant and creative style. His blog is a source of inspiration for the industry and he lectures and holds sell-out workshops all over the globe.

He credits his success to another passion: the mind. Ross has spent over two decades studying psychology, science, neurology, and philosophy with the singular intent of understanding the mechanisms of a mindset optimised for creative expression.

Company Testimony

I'll only ever accept if I'm genuinely excited about a company such has DreambooksPro. Is one of these few companies. Professional, high-end products with fantastic service.

Product Testimony

I'm very particular (fussy!) and will only use the best services. The couples I shoot for are also used to the very best. When I received my first album from DreambooksPro (dark coffee Tuscany leather with my logo embossed on the front) my jaw dropped. So, so good. I'm delighted to have found and partnered with DreambooksPro!