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  • Egeu Replica Dreambooks Pro

    Egeu Replica

    The Egeu Album is a unique product where the elegance distinguishes itself for the brightness of the UV varnish and the colours scheme available, giving it a modern yet classic look. The soft texture of the cover materials shows the beauty of the UV varnish printing. With a total customizable cover, the Egeu album is unique and innovative.

    Sizes (cm). 15x15 | 15x18/18x15 | 15x20/20x15 | 15x22/22x15 | 20x20 | 20x25/25x20 | 20x30/30x20 | 25x25
    Sizes (in). 06x06 | 06x07/07x06 | 06x08/08x06 | 06x09/09x06 | 08x08 | 08x10/10x08 | 08x12/12x08 | 10x10
    Cover Materials. Soft Touch


  • Cover Options

    For the selected cover you can add extra features:

    • Impressão UV Dreambooks Pro

      UV Printing

    Extra features will affect the final price of the product. For more information please refer to our price list.

  • Core Options

    Your album can be printed with different technologies and papers. The following solutions are available, each one with different prices.

    • Photographic Album

      Choose between a thin sheet and a thick sheet.

    • Press Album

      High quality offset printing. Binding in book form.

  • Templates

    The choice of these templates occurs during the product’s order.

    {tab BABY}
    Baby 1
    Baby 2
    Baby 3
    Baby 4
    Baby 5
    Baby 6
    Baby 7
    Baby 8
    {tab DECOR}
    Decor 1
    Decor 2
    Decor 3
    Decor 4
    Decor 5
    Decor 6
    Decor 7
    Decor 8
    {tab FLORAL}
    Floral 1
    Floral 2
    Floral 3
    Floral 4
    Floral 5
    Floral 6
    Floral 7
    Floral 8
    {tab NATURE}
    Nature 1
    Nature 2
    Nature 3
    Nature 4
    Nature 5
    Nature 6
    Nature 7
    Nature 8
    {tab RELIGION}
    Religion 1
    Religion 2
    Religion 3
    Religion 4
    Religion 5
    Religion 6
    Religion 7
    Religion 8
    {tab SIMPLE}
    Simple 1
    Simple 2
    Simple 3
    Simple 4
    Simple 6
    Simple 7
    Simple 8
  • Sheet of Tracing Paper

    The sheet of tracing paper is a translucent page that can be added to any album, as an extra.

    • Tracing Paper
      It will be the first page, then a white sheet will be placed. It may include the print according to the pagination sent by the photographer.


  • Cover Materials

    We put at your disposal a wide range of cover materials for the chosen product. Choose whichever you prefer, within each group of coatings.

    {tab SOFT TOUCH}
  • Downloads

    Para poder fazer uma encomenda tem de preparar os ficheiros para a nossa produção. Para tal necessita daquilo que são as máscaras com dimensões e formas de acordo com o próprio produto.


    Máscaras para paginação do seu álbum. Contemplando margens de segurança e corte, faça download das máscaras para todos os formatos de paginação.


    Pode aceder ao nosso download center, lá vai encontrar as máscaras para todo a nossa gama de produtos.

  • tabela de preços

    Price list

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