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  • Book & Box Album Dreambooks Pro

    Book & Box Album

    Innovation and elegance gain a new design. The art and the passion of the photographers, the sensibility and the dreams of those who want to save a moment forever, the emotion of their family... all the feelings gain a new shape in a new collection that makes you fall in love with it at first sight! Created in response to the new market demands, this collection offers the photographers alternative solutions and the possibility to make the difference!

    Sizes (cm). 20x20 | 25x25 | 25x30 | 30x25 | 25x38 | 38x25 | 30x30 | 30x40 | 40x30 | 35x35
    Sizes (in). 08x08 | 10x10 | 10x12 | 12x10 | 10x15 | 15x10 | 12x12 | 12x16 | 16x12 | 14x14
    Cover Materials. Colours | Madera | Touch | Soft Touch
    Rim Colour. Black | Oak Wood | White


  • Cover Options

    For the selected cover you can add extra features:

    • Wood Rims Dreambooks Pro

      Wood Rims

    • Impressão UV Dreambooks Pro

      UV Printing

    • UV Varnish Dreambooks Pro

      UV Varnish

    Extra features will affect the final price of the product. For more information please refer to our price list.

  • Core Options

    Your album can be printed with different technologies and papers. The following solutions are available, each one with different prices.

    • Photographic Album

      Choose between a thin sheet and a thick sheet.

      More info
    • Fineart Album

      Smooth surface, resulting in a high quality printing.

      More info
    • Press Album

      High quality offset printing. Binding in book form.

      More info

    Maximum sheets p/album: Photographic core + FineArt core - Normal Sheet (800gr) maximum 27 spreads
    Maximum sheets p/album: Photographic core + FineArt core - Slim Sheet (400gr) maximum 42 spreads

  • Cover Materials

    We put at your disposal a wide range of cover materials for the chosen product. Choose whichever you prefer, within each group of coatings.

  • Box

    It's a simple product with minimal lines. The box is designed to allow fitting of the album, allowing the perfect combination of both.


    Harmonious and beautiful balance of materials and shapes.

    The rim of the box comes in black or white.

  • Satin Ribbon

    This product contains a finish with a satin ribbon. You may select between the different colours from the list below. The ribbon selection occurs following the product choice.

    • Yellow

    • Light Blue

    • Dark Blue

    • Beige

    • White

    • Bronze

    • Brown

    • Light Grey

    • Black

    • Pink

    • Aqua Green

    • Dark Green

    • Red

  • Downloads

    To place an order you must prepare the files for our production. This requires masks with a determined size and shape according to the product itself.


    Please download the mask that allows you to create the cover. It contains the layout for all the available cover sizes.



    Masks for the pagination of your album. Includes safety margins and cut. Please download the masks for all pagination sizes.


    You may access our download center, where you will find the masks for all our range of products.

  • tabela de preços

    Price list

    We provide the Price List exclusively for DreambooksPro customers! The list contains all the information about prices, properly collections and different features of each model.

    If you are already our customer, please Login at our software and click on "Price List".
    If you aren't registered yet, please fill your form and after the confirmation of your data, you will receive all the information by email.